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6 Social Media Terms to Get Familiar With

The world of social media is full of terms. Even if you’re knowledgeable on the topic, some of them might make you scratch your head.

Social Media Lingo You Should Know

If we reviewed all social media terms from A to Z, this post might never end. Social media has its own set of technical terms and specialized words and, ideally, you should know them all. For now, we have chosen six social media terms you don’t want to be in the dark about.

1) Community Manager

Online customer service and interaction are crucial to business success. A community manager will handle all of your social media presence, focusing on building credibility to grow your online audience and drive sales.

2) Impressions

You might be confused by this word. An impression, in the online advertising scheme, refers to every time an ad is “fetched” from its source and counted.

Social Media Lingo You Should Know

2) Geotag

A geotag is a type of metadata which is added to online content such as videos and photographs, that contains a geographical ID or coordinates. Have you noticed how Instagram can tell you where photos have been taken? That’s geotagging.

3) Handle

If your business is on Twitter, this one will come in handy. The handle is the name that is given to someone’s @username. For example, our handle is @ImpressionsGrp.

4) Hashtag

One of the most popular terms in the social media world. A hashtag is basically a label that is used to classify content to make it easier to be searched for. It’s defined by a pound sign “#” which is placed at the beginning of a word or a phrase.

5) Click-Through Rate

This is a very common social media metric. It represents the number of events where a visitor clicked through, divided by the total amount of impressions a specific piece of content might receive.

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