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Start Up a Conversation with These Holiday Tweets

Start Up a Conversation with These Holiday Tweets

The holiday season is here and it’s a great time to engage with your audience and get them talking. Share your brand this Christmas and get people involved.

Things You Can Tweet About This Christmas

Twitter can help your small business reach out to more people, build relationships with your followers and increase your sales leads. It’s a matter of investing time in establishing your presence on this social platform. Christmas and the entire holiday season provide a great opportunity for you to generate conversations with your followers that allow you to share your brand, get your message across and add value. Here are a some examples of Christmas or holiday related tweets that’ll help you strike up a conversation with your audience.

Promote Your Holiday Offerings

You don’t have to dress up as Santa Claus to have a connection with the holiday season. Think outside the box and tell your followers how your product or service relates to this season. Increase your chances of getting noticed and include seasonal hashtags that will make you part of a bigger conversation.

Communicate your holiday offeringsCommunicate Your Holiday Schedule

Will there be any changes to your regular hours over the holidays? Keep your followers in the loop and use those 140 characters to spread the word about your special holiday hours.

Share Content That Is Relevant to the Season

Get creative and take a moment to highlight what you do best. This is another chance for you to connect your brand to holiday related tips that are enticing and useful for your audience.

Have a Giveaway Contest

If you’re looking to increase engagement, this is a fun and effective way to do it. There are many contest ideas. For example, you can encourage your followers to retweet a certain tweet of yours and whoever gets the most can win something out of your product or service portfolio. The benefit of this goes beyond just increasing engagement, it will help you get more exposure, too.

Gain Influence Over the Holidays

Take advantage of the holiday season to interact with your audience. At Impressions Agency, we are fully prepared to help you run a successful social media presence. Let’s talk!