Digital Marketing Mistakes and Time Wasters

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Digital marketing is valuable for any business. It offers tools that allow even the smallest businesses to compete with large brands. It is, however, easy to make digital marketing mistakes and waste your time. Here are some common mistakes and ways to avoid them. 

Digital Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing. It’s useful when done right. A common digital marketing mistake is to try being on too many social media platforms. Find the ones where your audience spends time, and the ones that best suit your brand, then focus on those. Focus all your efforts on one or two, and don’t go beyond three different social media platforms. 

Another social media mistake is having more than one account on a platform. This will confuse your audience. You will also waste time trying to maintain multiple accounts when you could focus your energies on a single account. 

Avoid digital marketing mistakes with proper data and analysis.
Digital marketing is valuable for any business.

Blogging Mistakes

Having thin blog content that doesn’t provide value to the reader is a common mistake. While the research points to more blogs per month generating more website traffic, this needs to be balanced with the resources at your company. If your business doesn’t have the resources to publish quality, information-rich blog posts a few times a week, or even once a week, then don’t force it. It’s better to create fewer high-quality blog posts than publishing many lower-quality posts. 

Your audience wants quality content filled with valuable information. In the world of blogging and website content, quality is definitely better than quantity. 

To make sure your audience finds your posts, do some keyword research so that you can write about things your audience is searching for. This SEO approach will help get your website seen on Google. 

Google values quality and will reward your work. On the flip side, you could be penalized by Google for publishing weak, keyword-stuffed content. Ready to get noticed online? Get in touch today.

Celebrate 2018 with an Improved Digital Marketing Strategy

Celebrate 2018 with an Improved Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing takes time, effort and money. Rev up your digital marketing strategy for the New Year and watch your business grow.

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Results in 2018

The start of the New Year is the perfect moment to take matters into your own hands and make things happen. You’ve had time to reflect on the previous year and analyze how you can improve your experience this year. It’s always important to set realistic and attainable goals to keep you on track. Ring in the New Year with these digital marketing resolutions that will get you better results:

Creating a winning marketing strategy
Turn your website into a conversion machine

Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine

If your website is not your best ally in convincing prospects that you have what they’re looking for, it is time for a redesign. Think of your site as your top salesperson, the one that keeps customers coming in and the one that has them leaving the store with their hands full. You need a website that looks good, accurately represents your brand and provides clear information along with excellent user experience.

Leave Social Media Behind and Go for Social Marketing

A strong social media presence is vital to keep your audience engaged. Having a business profile that has no structure on one social media platform won’t deliver any benefits. Your business needs to be present across various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you should consistently post content that adds value to your audience and that keeps people interested. Also, resort to marketing your business through Facebook or Instagram ads so you can get the exposure you need.

Understanding SEO
SEO tools can boost your business.

Make a Reputation Out of Positive Online Reviews

Online reviews have replaced word of mouth. That’s why it is so important to gather good feedback from your customers and make it visible to the rest of your audience. Good reviews will give peace of mind to prospects and customers, making them trust you and come back for more.

Rise to the Top with Good SEO

Take time to evaluate your SEO and strengthen it as much as possible. Strong SEO can help you reach the top of the search results and increase sales leads.

Keep All Components of Your Strategy Aligned

No component of your digital marketing strategy is independent from the rest. For your strategy to be successful, all parts need to work together. The amount of effort this requires can seem overwhelming at times. At Impressions Agency, we are ready to take on that task and help you achieve your goals for 2018. Give us a call today and let’s start planning your success.