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The Importance of Images in Online Marketing

The Importance of Images in Online Marketing

Why Images are Relevant to Online Marketing

Years ago, unless you were carrying an actual camera with you all the time, a mental picture was all you had to remember the things you found interesting or relevant. Now, we all carry cameras in our pockets in the form of a smartphone, and we love it. The internet is flooded with millions of images, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Images are a great way to promote small businesses and to promote interaction with your online audience. According to research, an article that has images is likely to get 94% more views that one that doesn’t have any.

Why Images are Relevant to Online MarketingImages are quickly becoming a universal language and this provides businesses with a wonderful opportunity to communicate with their audience through relevant images that really “speak” to them. It has been shown that a Facebook post that contains images has 37% more engagement than a post that is just text. But images are not just valuable on social media. The type of images you share on your website can also help increase engagement. According to Jeff Bullas, customers browsing through products on an online store believe that the quality of the images is more important than the product information, and even more important than ratings and reviews.

Attracting People Through Images on Social Media

The whole purpose of using images on social media is to get peoples attention. The most shareable images tend to have similar characteristics:

  • Text and hashtags that promote interaction
  • Convey emotions that make people feel and move them to take certain actions
  • Use attractive colors that lead to a higher sharing rate
  • Typography that communicates the message in a clear way
  • Include things that are relevant to your audience


Visual content is an important element of digital marketing. There’s a lot to keep in mind when designing a digital marketing strategy that will truly hit all the boxes and gets the results you expect. Impressions Agency can help. We love to create opportunities for our clients to grow. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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