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The Value of the Hashtag

The Value of the Hashtag

Properly defining and executing hashtags is a valuable skill that can help businesses grow.

The Benefits of Hashtags for Your Small Business

Ever since the hashtag was created, people have been using it left and right for all kinds of purposes. But how can businesses use it to their advantage? Can they even? Yes, they can. There are ways in which businesses can use hashtags to add value to social media posts. Many businesses have already experienced the amazing benefits of using hashtags. Is your business one of them? If not, these benefits might convince you to start using them.

Build a Community

Using industry-specific hashtags, such as the name of your industry, events, and common terminology can help you reach a wider audience. Using trending hashtags that relate to your business can also help reach more people that would have been out of reach otherwise.

The Benefits of Hashtags for Your Small Business

Increase Brand Awareness

Well-executed custom hashtags can make you memorable and bring attention to your business or brand. This can separate you from the competition. Also, by encouraging your followers to use your custom tag, you can make yourself visible to your followers’ contacts, expanding your reach even further. Using brand name hashtags also give you more visibility and makes it easier for people to recognize your brand.

Boost Credibility and Authority

It’s a common practice for a well-known business to use industry-specific hashtags. This helps increase your credibility in your own industry because when people search for an industry-related term, your business is likely to show up on the results several times.


Hashtagging can be a great beneficial part of a social media marketing strategy. A well defined social media strategy can bring attention to your business and help you stand out from the crowd. Need help? Call Impressions Agency today.