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Thrive from Black Friday to Cyber Monday with These SEO Tips

Looking to attract customers during one of the greatest sales weekends of the year? Strengthen your online presence with solid SEO.

Prepare Your SEO for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

After Thanksgiving come two of the greatest sales days of the holiday season. Every business wants to be noticed and draw in customers that will make their sales hit the roof. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals become bigger every year. If you want to increase your chances of hitting record sales, put on your SEO hat on and get ready for the shopping event of the season with these tips:

Use Holiday-Specific Keywords to Make Your Offerings Easy to Find

Before you start using all kinds of random keywords in your content, do some research. Resort to Google Suggest or the related searches tool to identify keywords. You want your Black Friday 2017 keywords to be current and relevant if you’re going to put your offerings on the map.

Showcase your holiday offerings with these Cyber Monday keywords

Make Responsive Web Design a Priority

Most people are going to be in a hurry from now until the end of the year with all this holiday craze building up on us. That means that users are going to be doing most of their web browsing from a mobile device. If you haven’t been paying much attention to your website lately, now would be a good time to make some last minute tweaks to make sure your site is mobile friendly. This update will definitely help you increase your conversions.

Put a Holiday Stamp on Your Images, Too

Now that you’ve done some research on Black Friday and Cyber Monday keywords, take the time to optimize your images and alt-tags using that information.

Stay on Top with Black Friday SEO

At times, SEO efforts for the holidays can seem like too much work. At Impressions Agency, we can give you a hand in making Black Friday SEO feel like a walk in the park that can help you increase your revenue. Let’s talk and start making a plan for a more profitable holiday season!