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Tips for Responding to Your Business Reviews

How Text Message Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

How you respond to your online reviews, directly affects what your customers might think about your business. Knowing how to respond properly is essential.

How to Respond to Positive and Negative Business Reviews

Your business reviews provide you with an opportunity to engage and build relationships with your customers and promote brand loyalty, but it is good to keep in mind they are public. Whatever they said and whatever you answer can be seen by the rest of the world. So, when you’re getting ready to respond to a review, make sure you keep certain guidelines in mind:

The Basics

Provide a prompt response

Customers who expect a response to their reviews, want to receive it within 60 minutes. Plus, even if it they are not expecting a response, it is the polite thing to do, since they are taking the time to give your their opinion. Providing fast responses makes customers feel valued and helps you build trust.

How to Reply to Positive ReviewsKeep it professional, not personal

It’s not about winning an argument —which is, in fact, very hard to do— it’s about providing good customer service. How you react to your reviews, says a lot about your business.

Always thank your reviewer

Don’t look at it as a chore, but as an investment. A little appreciation goes a long way.

Pro tip: Include your keywords in your response to take things to the next level and give you a boost on search results.

Handling Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are everyone’s favorite because they are letting you know you are doing something right. Sitting back and enjoying the positive comments is not all that should be done.

  • Take time to respond to those reviewers who left positive comments and acknowledge their feedback.
  • Don’t be afraid to add a little marketing to your response. You can let your customer know about a new product or service you’re offering and invite them to try it on their next visit.
  • Be friendly but most of all, be genuine. Providing genuine responses is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Handling Negative Reviews

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews
Encourage customers to contact you directly to address the issue in a more personal manner

Replying to negative reviews is always a good idea. Not doing so can send the wrong message out to future customers.

  • Sympathize with your reviewer and offer an apology. It really doesn’t matter if their concerns are unfounded. Winning an argument with a frustrated customer is really hard, so it is best to ease into your response and let them know you care about their experience.
  • Provide an option to move the conversation offline. You can provide your contact info, so in case they want to discuss things further, you have an opportunity to do so in a less public manner.
  • Provide a solution to their concerns. Take a moment to study their claim and find the best suited-way to redeem yourself.

A polite, sympathetic response that provides a solution to their concerns, can turn a critic into a lifelong customer.

Digital marketing yields great results when well taken care of and allows you to take your business to the next level. At Impressions Agency, we believe in the importance of online reviews, and leaving them unattended can sabotage your efforts to continue to build strong relationships with your clients and grow your business. With these tips, the next time you get a review, you’ll know what to do.