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Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Marketing your business to professionals of all industries could help your business grow.

How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

For years, LinkedIn has been the misunderstood child of social media networks. While Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram were taking all the glory, people were still confused about how to properly use LinkedIn.

Other social networks are more personal, meaning you can share whatever you want, regardless of how nonsensical it may be. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is merely for generating professional connections, so when you decide to share something on there, you should know it will be reaching a whole different crowd that might not be interested in what you had for lunch. Sharing content to people that are interested in business can be a very powerful tool to give your business more exposure.

Use LinkedIn to its full potential and give your business a boost with these tips:

Attract Customers Through Your Profile

Create a profile that clearly explains what you do and outlines the value that your products or services provide. Use the summary to emphasize how your business could help your customers.

How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn to Promote Your BusinessAllow People to Find You Through Keywords

Keywords are pretty big on LinkedIn also. Implementing keywords in the headings, text areas and even if your LinkedIn URL will make it easier for people to find you when they’re searching for topics that relate to your business.

Cautiously Make Connections

Don’t start adding people left and right. You don’t want to come off as desperate or a spammer. Start small and just add the people that you know. Once you start getting noticed, people will start adding you.

Keep It Professional

No personal information goes on LinkedIn. Showcase your expertise and share relevant information that your connections find attractive and let people know about industry related events and news. Sharing interesting articles, even if they are not yours is also a good move.

Share the Love and It Will Find Its Way Back

Endorsing others and writing recommendations for them will get you the same in return. Having these items on your profile will help you make an impact on those who visit it.


Social media is a world of its own. At Impressions Agency, we can help you harness the power that these platforms have to offer. Contact us today.