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UX & SEO: A Winning Combo For Your Business

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Businesses must adapt in order to fulfill their customers’ expectations. Combining user experience and SEO strategies will allow you to turn visitors into customers and increase your revenue.

Why Combining SEO and UX Is Beneficial for Your Business

When you build a website, you want to engage with your visitors through your content, so much so that they turn into customers and even stick around for more. Having your search engine optimization and user experience strategies working together can help you accomplish just that.

SEO and UX: The Mission

Of course, you want to drive traffic to your website, but once your users are able to reach it, you also want to be able to engage with them through the content you’re showing them.

SEO is mainly focused on external elements and the architecture of a website and usually looks to drive traffic to your website. UX is primarily focused on engaging customers once they reach your website and implementing a design that minimizes distraction to maximize conversions.

Source: SEJ

What matters to both SEO and UX is providing a great experience for the user at different stages of their journey as potential customers. These two working together have the ability to drive more sales.

Aligning Your SEO and UX StretefiesThe Mutual Impact of SEO and UX

By only focusing on either technical SEO or looking strictly at UX, you handicap your ability to actually make money through your website. They don’t compete with each other, SEO & UX complement each other. UX has the content optimization insight and the framework that SEOs need to figure out how to get good ranking in SERPs, while SEO can provide the data that UX teams require in order to create tailor-made experiences for customers.

Aligning Your Business with the Customer Journey

You can have a nice website, but if you want your business to thrive through it, you need to take things to the next level. If you need expert advice on how to combine SEO and UX into a strategy that will add value to your business and your customers, give us a call or write.