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Want to know what I am getting for Christmas? A Fatbike!

fatbike is a bicycle with over-sized tires, typically 3.7″ or larger and rims wider than 44mm, that are designed for riding on soft unstable terrain such as snow and sand.

I came across this beauty doing some research for fun activities to do this fall, and it was
“Love at First Site

Regardless if you are riding the sandy beaches in Costa Rica or the Snowmobile trails in Colorado, this is the bike to have in order to get an excellent workout. And the best thing is that you get to be outdoors, no matter the season.

fatbike in the snow

Look it’s a Bike, No it’s a Monster Truck, No it’s a Fatbike!

The Fatbike is a close relative of the traditional bicycle but they are meant to be ridden under different conditions. For example the Fatbike will go where no other bike can. It will ride on snow, sand or rocks like it was nothing. That is precisely what it was meant to do. But that off-road capability is also it’s weakness.

These bikes are not meant for everyday use, unless you live near the Artic Circle 🙂

To go get some milk or go fetch an espresso, your regular bike will outperform it’s more robust cousin. But when the trail gets tough and your ETA is no longer an issue, this is the big boy to have with you, or under you… The bike is not meant to be fast, but it is made to get you there.

I imagine in the near future more and more families will start adopting the Fatbike as their vehicle to family fun. Because it is meant for that, taking it a little easier, enjoying the ride and having fun. Depending on what you are planning to do with the Fatty you can go for a touring model, or a more high performance lighter racing type model.

If someone out there buys one, or already has…

… Please let me know all about it! I am dying to get one!

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