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What are some of the Weirdest Things People Spend Their Money On?


The spending habits of the rich and famous

While we wait for Richard Branson to sort out the anomalies with his space tourism program, Virgin Galactic, let’s take a look at what other millionaires are spending their money on.

Virgin Galactic Tickets

Virgin Galactic.png
Virgin Galactic Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

$250,000+ a pop is chump change for the 650 celebrities and billionaires like Brangelina, DiCaprio, Bieber and Katy Perry who have purchased tickets on Richard Branson’s space shuttle. Or, what some are referring to as the most expensive roller coaster rider, ever. T’s like space mountain for rich people, but instead of just going to Disney Land like the rest of us poor suckers, they are actually going into space. Surprisingly, the recent tragedy with the SpaceshipTwo hasn’t resulted in anybody returning their ticket. But the Virgin Galactic commercial spaceship is just one of the many crazy things that billionaires and celebrities spend their money.

Personal Killer Whale Submarine

Rich People Toys Killer Whale Submarine

Is that $100,000 just burning a hole in your pocket? Well, don’t fret, poor little rich person, because you can spend it on your very own Killer Whale Submarine. It looks and moves just like a real killer whale would. With all the hullabaloo about keeping real orcas for public entertainment, like SeaWorld, you can put on your own guilt-free orca show for your friends and family.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Rich People Toys Magnetic Floating Bed
Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars,

Bed frames are for poor people, apparently! If you’ve got $1.6 million, why sleep like the rest of us commoners when you can float in the air on a magnetically charged levitating bed? It will certainly make cleaning under the bed a lot easier; just don’t have any metal jewelry on you when you are vacuuming under this space mattress.

22-Karat Gold Toilet Paper

Picture courtesy of The Toilet Paperman
Picture courtesy of The Toilet Paper Man

There’s a guy in Australia who is the self-proclaimed “toilet paper man”! It’s true. If you have absolutely nothing better to do with your millions, then why not get a 22-karat gold roll of toilet paper. Only one roll was made, and despite the totally reasonable price of $1.3 million, no one has swooped it up yet. Do you want to be the first to wipe your ass with gold?

My Impressions Impressions

It amazes me what rich people throw their money away on. I’m not sure what I would do if I had a billion dollars. Probably something boring, like travel the world. I’d let my husband follow the ASP surfers around the world like they were the Grateful Dead, and I’d probably follow him because they do seem to go to some incredibly beautiful places. There really aren’t a lot of material things that I am just dying to spend a million dollars on. I also hear that a lot of money also comes with a lot of guilt, and not to make myself out to be Mother Theresa, but I would certainly have to spend some of that money helping people, just so I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying that private island…Okay, I’d buy an island, and build a diamond-encrusted house, just because I could….and help people. Probably children. What would you do if you had a billion dollars?

Great ideas, great stuff

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