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What’s the Downside of Not Adapting to a Remote Work Method?

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3 Things Your Business Could Be Missing Out on By Not Embracing Remote Work

The world has slowly started to embrace remote working, but today, it is more a necessity than it is a choice. Because more and more businesses are getting on board with this way of working, there is a higher demand for this perk, which is not only beneficial for employees but for employers, as well.

Here are some of the things your business could be missing out on by not embracing remote work:

Possibility of Keeping Your Business Open

In times like this, when businesses have had to pause their operations for the sake of public health, implementing a work-from-home policy allows you to continue to offer products or services to your customers. Of course, this modern way of working doesn’t necessarily fit all businesses. However, if your business model can be adapted so that you can work remotely, there’s never been a better time to do that than now. Does this mean you should go 100% remote even after the pandemic is over? No. But if you start leveraging the power of remote work now, it will be a plus for your business once your storefront is up and running. Customer-facing sales and online sales? That’s a win, for sure.

Better Retention Rates

Last year, Zapier conducted a study on remote work, which concluded that 74% of people interviewed would be willing to quit their job if they had another opportunity that offered remote work. Another 26% have quit their job for one that does allow it. What this tells us is that remote work is an opportunity highly desired by employees, mainly because of all the benefits that come with it. Therefore, it could be what tips the scale when it comes to retaining your employees or losing them.

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Prospective Employees

Remote work opportunities give businesses a competitive edge while also giving them access to a larger talent pool. By not recognizing the value of implementing a work-from-home policy, you could be missing out on amazing talent that could strengthen your staff and help grow your business.

Although remote work won’t fit all business models, those businesses that can adapt to it should definitely, give it a chance. Don’t miss out on the great things that come with it.