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When Dreams Come True, Amazing Things Happen

Danny MacAskill. The name says it! This guy has skills

Danny MacAskill wasn’t always a trial cyclist. He was a mechanic who hasn’t afraid to dream real big. In April 2009, after 12 years on practice, practice and more practice, he finally released a 5-minute street trial video, filmed by his roommate. The result was a lot of media attention and a career as professional street trials rider.

MacAskill was not done dreaming, he had just gotten started…

When a Dream Calls You and Talent Takes You There

Many more amazing videos were to follow, one of which took him back to his Scottish homeland, where he was born in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.

In the past 5 years great sponsorship and great talent have taken him all around the world: Glasgow, Taiwan, Argentina, South Africa. And today, October 2nd, 2014 a new dream has come true: Riding his Mountain Bike on the Cuillin Ridge in Scotland.  Danny MacAskill

Journey to a Very Unaccesible Place

His opening words on the movie are:

“Growing up in Skye, the Cuillin for me has always been this very unaccesible place…”

And yes, it was possible for him to ride his mountain bike over this incredible ridge! And we all get to watch awesome footage and crazy, dangerous and funny tricks. With almost 82k views in just 6 hours, it’s a no brainer that this MacAskill’s death-defying dream is truly worth watching, the whole 7.5 minutes of it.

Keep Dreaming Impressions

Kids, keep dreaming! If you feel you have the talent, and other people see it too, even when others tell you it can’t be done…  Go on! Become the best, be the first, use that talent! It will take many years of practice, it won’t be easy, you may fall and get hurt. If you can, get back up, and keep dreaming some more.

This is the fuel for success!

MacAskill's death-defying dream
MacAskill’s death-defying dream