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Why Email Marketing Remains a Preferred Marketing Method

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In 2018, 81% of small and midsize businesses relied on email as their prime customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Strong Today

There are many forms of digital marketing, and they are all valuable, but that doesn’t mean email marketing has lost its strength. On the contrary, email marketing is one of the most used types of digital marketing today. Ever wondered why that is?

Email Is Still a Big Deal

Email plays a necessary role in modern communication. Everyone uses email. The amount of email users is expected to grow to 4.3 billion in 2022. That’s half a billion users more than what we had back in 2017. Sounds crazy doesn’t? But all that means is, that email marketing is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for business growth and that businesses should continue to leverage it.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Strong TodayEmail Is a Simple Way to Generate Revenue

How else would you be able to generate revenue with just the click of a button? Sending a promotional email to your subscribers is a quick and effective way to communicate your message that will help you increase sales. It’s all a matter of building a proper relationship with your subscribers. When that happens, they will be happy to get emails from you and probably look forward to it.

Email Boosts the Power of Social Media

Social media is also an excellent tool to generate brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth but when combined with email marketing, the results can be much better. From your email marketing campaign, you can link to a piece of content on social media, and social media can help you generate more leads for your email list, both will help you build an audience and spread your message.

Email Is a Customizable Approach

Customers want to be treated as individuals not another one from the bunch. Email marketing allows you to move away from a cookie-cutter approach and personalize your message, as well as create targeted campaigns. As you get to know your customers and their preferences, you can identify the best way to communicate with them and tailor your message to fit their needs, which leads to more effective marketing.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you just might be missing out. Harness the power of email marketing for your business, and see for yourself why it’s such a popular marketing method.