Why is Online Privacy Important?


The Importance of Online Privacy

Privacy is defined as the state of being free from being observed or receiving public attention, or the ability of an individual to seclude themselves and their information. This applies to all kinds of scenarios, including the digital world. However, when it comes to digital privacy, most people find themselves confused about what it really entails.

A lot of information comes and goes on the internet and it is important to keep it safe. But why?

In an ideal world, no one would have anything to hide, and no one would have to protect themselves from anyone else. Unfortunately, our world is far from ideal and this means that we need to keep personal information safe from being used in illegitimate ways. Particularly, there is certain information that is important to safeguard such as financial data, medical records and much more. As you interact with the rest of the world over the internet, you leave a digital footprint which will then be available online.

The idea of privacy is to allow users to keep their data to themselves, or at least protect it from others with illegal purposes, from ever getting their hands on it. The thing about the internet is that in order to interact with most websites, some information is necessary. When setting up an account on social media or on an ecommerce site to make online purchases, certain information is required, otherwise, the interaction would not be possible.

The Importance of Online Privacy

Who Is Responsible for Online Privacy?

This is a two-way street. Every individual is responsible for the privacy of their own information and how much of it they decide to disclose, and businesses also have a great responsibility to handle their customers’ information appropriately, use it strictly for the purposes they requested it for, and not share it with third-party companies or individuals. In the last decade or so, this has been a tough task, given how the online world has evolved. Data privacy laws were not designed to account for that and something had to change. This is how the GDPR came to be.

How Does Your Site Handle Privacy?

Privacy is a tricky topic for online businesses but offering customers a secure website must be at the top of your list. Impressions Agency can help you set up a top-notch website that addresses your needs, and those of your customers, including privacy and security. Let’s talk about how we can help your business stay on top of the game.

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