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3 Design Elements That Can Make Your Website Cool

Your SEO Could Succeed or Fail Thanks to Your Web Design

Create a Cool Website for Your Business with These Tips

Have you ever visited a website that almost puts you to sleep? One that is monotonous, outdated, and overall, not very user friendly? Well, that is the absolute opposite of what you want for your business’ website.

Some websites are just ok, and others have the potential to blow you away. You want to aim toward that second category when you’re working on your business page. But how do you achieve that? It’s all about design.

If ‘cool’ is what you’re going for, let’s define what that means. A cool website keeps you coming back for more. It has the potential to capture people’s attention quickly, offers an outstanding user experience, and makes a big impression.

The backbone of any great website design relies on user experience. It is what makes every interaction between your visitors and your website, an enjoyable one. Many other supporting factors can create a website that stands out. Here are three of the main ones:

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Every website needs navigation. It is most commonly called a menu bar, and it enables your visitors to move between the different pages on your website. Your navigation should be intuitive and engaging.

Good Quality Images

Your choice of images shouldn’t look ‘stocky.’ High-resolution photos that don’t look staged are what you need. Ideally, hire a professional photographer for a product shoot that gives you high-quality product photos you can use on your website.

Call to Action

A CTA is most commonly known as a button, but essentially, it is an element that your website users click on when you ask them to take action. An action could be to sign up for a newsletter, read more about your company, get a quote on your services, or buy your products. The purpose of a CTA is to influence your customers’ behavior while on your website while giving them easy access to the information they want to see.