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3 Digital Marketing Goals for This Holiday Season

Holiday Gift

Marketing Goals to Focus on During the Holidays

In a year full of challenges and changes, learning to adapt has been essential for businesses to survive and succeed. Holiday shopping is expected to beat records as this year’s online shopping has increased substantially due to the pandemic. We can see that by looking at the numbers from Black Friday when sales increased by 21.6%.

From a marketing standpoint, the holiday season is a critical time for small businesses. As you go through the rest of the month, here are some digital marketing goals to keep in mind.

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Holiday shopping Holiday marketing goals

Reach Shoppers Before and After Christmas

It is still early enough in the month that most consumers are just starting their holiday shopping. Providing an above par customer experience is critical to ensure that you gain customers who will want to continue shopping with you long after Christmas. Be sure to manage customer expectations carefully, be communicative and responsive, be upfront about shipping and delivery process details, and come up with creative promos that your customers can’t resist.

Nurture Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

Holiday shopping is special. Everyone wants to give meaningful gifts, and when they decide to include your brand in their celebration of the season, it is certainly not something to take for granted. Take time to thank your customers for their business and start building your relationships with them. A simple but genuine “thank you” will go a long way.

Use Your 2020 Performance Data to Your Advantage

Sometimes, it is a good idea to take a moment to look back before you move forward. Since 2020 has been such an atypical year, your performance data is precious —especially as you plan your strategy for 2021. It tells the story of how you’ve adapted to the circumstances and how well your marketing efforts have performed. Analyzing this information will help you design better marketing plans for the year to come.