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Fire Up Your Holiday Sales with These Last-Minute Conversion Tips

Holiday gifts

Simple Strategies to Drive Conversions During the Holidays

As 2020 comes to an end and the holiday season is in full swing, small businesses are on the lookout for strategies to help them send the year off on a good note.

By now, holiday marketing strategies are in full execution, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still add a little something extra to ensure you maximize conversions and increase holiday sales. Here are some ideas that may help.

Gifts at doorstep
Offering free shipping or in store pickup can help increase last minute holiday sales

Release Attractive Promotions on the Weekend Before Christmas

Last-minute Christmas shopping is standard practice for many. Typically, the last Saturday before Christmas, also known as Super Saturday, is a day where shoppers flood stores looking for gifts for their loved ones. Running irresistible sales during that weekend can help you stand out from your competitors and attract more customers.

Use Retargeting Ads to Your Advantage

You can generate more online sales by retargeting “window shoppers” or customers who abandoned their shopping cart. Retargeting ad campaigns also help your brand gain more exposure and recognition.

Optimize Your Site to Offer the Best Shopping Experience

For last-minute shoppers, having an excellent online experience is essential. Put together a holiday-guide on your e-commerce site that offers different offers based on price range, make sure your site speed is up to par, and consider allowing shoppers to checkout as guests.

Polish Your Customer Service

Holiday shopping tends to be a hectic activity and a time where shoppers are looking for all the support they can get to finalize their purchase in the easiest way possible. Be sure to train your customer service staff to manage demanding customers in varied scenarios and alleviate the stress that last-minute online shopping can produce on your customers. Also, offer an FAQ page covering all the most frequent questions you get from customers this time of year.

Offer In-Store Pickup

If offering free shipping affects your profitability, consider implementing in-store pick up, and motivate your customers to choose that option by providing a discount. Not only are you improving their shopping experience by allowing them to pick up their pre-purchased items and saving them precious time, but you’d also help minimize shipping costs.