Interested in Customer Reviews? Here Are 3 Review Sites You Should Keep an Eye On

Back in the day, websites were more a brochure for a business. Communication was pretty much one way. Now, users can interact with content and even generate content of their own. No wonder why review sites have become a big deal. Reviews can make or break you. Do you know which are the most used review sites? Are you keeping an eye on them? If not, here are three of the most popular ones that you should know about.

Google My Business

We all know Google as the world’s largest search engine. Among the many tools Google has to offer, there is Google My Business, which not only makes it easy for you to create and update your listing, so you can attract customers, it also allows users to leave reviews for your business. Getting Google Reviews, comments and pictures can give your business a boost in search. Don’t forget to reply to your Google My Business reviews. It will help you increase engagement and provide a better customer experience.

Interested in Customer Reviews? Here Are 3 Review Sites You Should Keep an Eye On


Did you know that almost 70% of consumers refer to social media sites to read product/service reviews? So, Facebook reviews really are relevant. Most people have a Facebook account and they use it frequently, so it is easy for those who follow you to leave a comment about their experience right there, rather than having to go anywhere else. This also makes it easier for you to keep an eye on them.


This platform gives users the opportunity to rate local businesses on a five-star scale. Businesses can set up their own Yelp profile for free and reviews can be managed and responded through the Yelp for Business Dashboard. Google takes Yelp reviews into account, so remember that those reviews, ratings, and comments can impact your search rankings.


All three sites impact your SEO. Negative reviews are one kind of content that can damage your reputation, which reminds us of the importance of reputation management. Impressions Agency can help keep your online reputation in check, through our all-inclusive digital solutions. Let’s talk about what we can do for your business.