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5 Digital Marketing Trends That Have Boosted Businesses in 2020

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Leveraging These Digital Marketing Trends Will Benefit Your Business

The year 2020 has been unusual, to say the least. It’s been a rollercoaster of complex situations and emotions that have impacted everyone’s personal and professional lives. In terms of business, 2020 has been a year of change, a year of finding new ways to do things and embrace things that many companies had been putting on hold.

For many small businesses, digital marketing wasn’t a priority —even if that sounds hard to believe in an era where everything is digital. To optimize their operation and adapt to what the year has thrown our way, embracing these digital marketing trends has been vital.

Site Navigation Optimization

From a customer’s perspective, there is nothing worse than a website that is too complicated to navigate. If they’ve gotten that far, it’s because they are interested in your business and the products or services you offer, so giving them a good user experience is essential. Optimizing your site navigation will help you achieve this goal. Focus on making it easy for your customers to access critical information, like business hours, contact information, product listings, etc.

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Social Media Advertising and Paid Search

Using paid ad targeting tools on the different social media platforms is a great way to serve your ads to the right audience. Local businesses can use geo-targeting to reach customers within their area and market their business with more accuracy.

Content Marketing

Using content to promote your business and brand is a valuable digital marketing move. Relevant content for your audience is the right choice, like blogs or articles, infographics, or even videos. Writing industry-relevant articles and incorporating your keyword also helps your SEO, which gives you more exposure.

Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a highly efficient tool that can help you stay connected with your customers, it sounds like you need email marketing. There are different types of email marketing campaigns you can leverage to build and sustain your current customers’ relationships, generating leads.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Offering timely and effective customer support is critical for any business, and chatbots are very helpful in this regard. They can help provide answers to frequently asked questions, handle basic requests, and gather essential customer information before assigning to live rep, thus improving the overall customer experience.