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Getting into Facebook Ads? What’s Your Objective?

Why Is Business Analytics Relevant in Marketing?

Defining the purpose of your campaign is extremely relevant to the success of the campaign. Analyze your business goals before you decide on an advertising objective. This will help you get the results you expect.

Choosing An Advertising Objective That Aligns with Your Business Goals

Facebook paid ads are a great marketing tool. They allow you to create marketing campaigns to help reach those people to whom your business is most relevant. Once you decide you want to get into the Facebook paid ads, one of the most important things to do is define your advertising objectives. What do you want to achieve through your marketing campaign?

In order to get the best out of your campaign, your advertising objective should align with your business goals. Picking the right advertising objective will help yield successful results. What’s your objective?

Choosing an Advertising Objective That Aligns with Your Business Goals
Awareness consideration and conversions are the main objectives

Build Brand Awareness

If your goal is to build brand awareness, you want to make sure you’re clearly communicating why your business is valuable to that audience. You can do that by putting your ads in front of people who are near your business, or around the area. Another way to do this is by boosting your posts, so that you can reach as many people as possible, regardless of whether they follow your business or not.

Attract Potential Customers

Another one of the most common reasons businesses decide to invest in paid ads is to spark peoples interest in their products or services through their newsletters or by attending their local events. To increase conversions on your website, design an ad that encourages people to visit it. Or, if you’re interested in collecting leads for your business, run an ad that serves as the first part of your sales funnel, by collecting information from potential clients, or that invites them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also increase engagement by promoting upcoming events.

Increase Sales

Offering an incentive helps businesses motivate customers and potential customers to take interest in their products and services, and give their sales a boost. To do this, you can create an ad that includes a discount, coupon, or any other special deal. You could also choose to create an ad that promotes your mobile app, or one that motivates people to use it.


Interested in PPC ads? There are a lot of things involved in running a successful PPC campaign. If you’ve decided this is what’s best for you or maybe you’re considering it but you’re not sure yet, at Impressions Agency, we walk you through it and help you run campaigns that are up to par with your expectations. Contact us for more information.