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A Responsive Website Is More User Friendly

Digital Marketing Trends

A responsive website, also known as a user-friendly website, is the current online business and marketing trend. Due to the rate at which technology advances, it is essential to design a website that can interact with users regardless of their device. 

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website simply means that your website appears suitable regardless of the device you are using. It also means your website can interact well with different screen sizes and viewports.

Why Your Website Needs to be Responsive and Optimized to Work on All Devices

Here are some reasons why you need a responsive website

Regardless of the device smartphones tablets and desktops your website needs to appear beautifully and perform optimally
  1. Positive User Experience: If a person enters your mobile or web version of your website and is frustrated or does not find what they are searching for, there is a high chance that they will leave and visit another website. If the reverse is the case, it will create a positive user experience for visitors. 
  2. Recommended by Google: Given that Google is the major search engine your website must impress, it is sensible to adhere to Google’s preferences. Not only does Google advocate Responsive Web Design (RWD) as the optimal method for targeting mobile and tablet users, but it also favors mobile-optimized sites when delivering search results for mobile device searches. 
  3. A Responsive Website Increases Traffic: People tend to open such websites on multiple platforms when a website is responsive regardless of the device used. Also, Google ranks your website higher and places a premium on it. 
  4.  Responsive Website Adapts to Future Devices: Another advantage of a responsive website is that the template’s size is not affected by the screen size. Therefore, regardless of the future device screen, it will not negatively affect how people view your website. 
  5. High Pay-Per-Click: Recently, Google AdWords has shifted its focus to improved campaigns on the web. This means the more responsive website will be paid higher. Also, a website built using responsive design makes managing your PPC campaigns significantly easier.

In conclusion, we are living in a fast-paced world with new technology. So creating a website that can adapt to all these changes regardless of the device used is crucial. 

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