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Authentic Content Builds Brand Trust

Authentic Content

Being authentic—showing the real you—is the best way to create the most engaging content. The easiest way to do this is to talk to your audience the same way you talk to your best friend. But there’s a bit more to it than just the way you talk. Good authentic content is relevant to your audience’s needs and speaks to them in a way they can relate and connect. 

Finding the Right Tone for Authentic Content

Take the time to figure out the right tone when talking to your audience or community. Your voice should be authentically you, and it also needs to reflect your brand while being appropriate for the subject matter. If you’re talking about something serious, be respectful of the situation. 

Authentic Content
Find your authentic voice to connect with your audience

Build Brand Trust

The goal is to develop trust with your audience, which in turn will build loyalty. Part of this is taking the time to respond to customer questions and concerns promptly. This is the other side to delivering content. By pushing out content, you’re asking your audience to engage with you. When they make an effort to initiate a  conversation, you should be quick to respond. 

Be Available

In the same way that you’re available when a person enters your business, you should make yourself available online. This means answering questions through direct message, responding to comments on social posts, and engaging with your audience. 

When responding, it’s ok to show your human side. Even though you’re replying on behalf of your business, you can still be relatable and personal. By personalizing your interactions, you’re showing your authentic self, which will help to make customers feel secure while also building brand trust. 

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