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Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns with These Tips

Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is officially here. Have you planned your email marketing campaign yet?

Holiday email marketing campaigns are a great tool to promote your small business during the holidays and increase profit. 24% of 2018’s eCommerce holiday sales happened thanks to email marketing, according to Shopify. This is the most important buying season of the year, so let’s make the most of it with a great email marketing campaign. Here are some tips for you:

Be Holiday-Aware

In the US, the major holiday season runs from November to January, which gives you two months to promote sales for your business. That might differ depending on the country.

If you know which holidays have the most impact on sales, use that to your advantage when crafting your holiday email.

Start Sooner Than Later

Even if you didn’t use email marketing to promote your business for Black Friday, you can still do it to promote it for Christmas and New Year. Just be sure to get started in the first few days of December to get people excited about the upcoming deals or new products.


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Make Sure You’re Marketing to the Right Audience

Segmenting your list of subscribers will allow you to target your audience better and prevent you from using your efforts on the wrong crowd. You can start segmenting your list as you build it, from the moment someone subscribes so you can best identify what they are interested in.

Get Creative and Put Together a Holiday-Themed Campaign

You might already have a branded and pre-defined email template that you use for email marketing campaigns. However, for the holidays, you have some more creative license to make your holiday email campaigns stand out from your regular email content. Feel free to change the color scheme, the graphics, etc., to make it more holiday-inspired. Just be sure to keep your brand logo intact. That will keep people interested and make it more likely for them to open and read your email.


There’s still time to hop on the email marketing train for the holidays!