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Build Stronger SEO By Putting Your Keywords in the Right Places

Using Website Builders Might Not Be Your Best Option

Keywords are a very important part of your SEO plan. Putting them in these places will strengthen your SEO.

The Best Places to Put Your Keywords

Have you ever heard of the term ‘keyword density’? It refers to how often your keywords show up on your website. It’s not just about using keywords. Knowing where to put them is even more important if you want them to actually have an impact.

Effective digital marketing needs strong SEO and strong SEO needs keywords. Repeating them increases your chances of  search engines pulling your content when those keywords are being searched for. Using elements of your site’s HTML is a great way to optimize your SEO and sneak in some keywords.

The Content on Your Site

Having your keywords as part of the text on your site is one of the main practices that can help your SEO. You can repeat them but not abuse them. Having the same keywords too many times could lead to your site being cataloged as spam.

The Best Places to Put Your KeywordsAlt Tags

You can use images for marketing. When it comes to images and SEO, you can get your keywords in as the “alternate text”. This field is originally intended for website readers, for those who are visually impaired. However, Google bots read that too, so you can take advantage of it and add a description of the image that includes your keywords.

Title Tag, Meta Description & Page Title

Don’t confuse the Title tag with the page title. The Title tag is what you see when your page is shown in Google Search Results, you know the blue text. The page title is the title you show your visitors on different pages of your site, typically within an H1 tag. And then there’s the meta description, which accompanies the Title tag on the Search Engine Results and should be unique for every page. These are all great places for keywords.


Another great trick is to put keywords on the links on your site. This helps you convey the importance of your keywords to search engines. You can do this anywhere, within your text, or even in the footer or sidebar.


When your site is content driven, you have a bigger chance of improving SEO through your keywords. As you generate more volume, your keyword density will increase. Does your  business need help managing SEO? At Impressions Agency, we can take care of it for you to help your business get the online exposure it deserves. Contact us today!

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