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Content With a Clear Intent is More Effective at Reaching Client’s

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Professionals with experience in content marketing understand that they must first identify the customer intent behind their content before optimizing it. A famous saying is that marketing is no longer as easy as funneling clients, which is why content with a clear intent is essential. 

Content with clear intent provides valuable insight into the types of content you should provide for your audience based on their search. This simplifies the process of developing content ideas and plans and allows you to understand how they align with your clients’ wants at every stage.  

What Type of Content is Best at Reaching Various Stages of the Buyer Journey

Content should have a clear intention and reach the consumer at various stages of the buyer’s journey. There are four stages of the buyer’s journey, and they include: 

Your content should have a clear intention and reach the consumer
  • Awareness and Interest: At this point, prospective clients have identified an issue or need and are receptive to solutions. Here, your content should include industry-related topics and address frequently asked questions by your target audience. It should also clarify why your business exists and your unique selling points.  
  • Considerations: Clients are now eager to know more to define their needs clearly. Your content should be very personal to your client to provide reasonable expectations and leave them wanting more.
  • Conversion: This is the point at which customers will make their buying decision. Here, your content should be geared toward differentiating your organization from the competitors and building strong bonds with prospective clients.
  • Retention: Clients pay for your services, but this is not the end of your content marketing efforts. At this stage, more effort should be made to show care about customers’ experience. This is because a happy client will be more than happy to recommend your services to others. 

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