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Increase Conversions by Repurposing Your Social Media Content

Social Media Content

Repurposing Content: What It Is and How to Do It on Social Media

Every social network has a different soul. They’re all about bringing people —and businesses— closer together but not everyone relates to the same social network. That’s why there’s variety.

When you’re managing more than one social network, it can be tricky to come up with great content for all of them, so you can continue to engage your target audience. Repurposing content for social media is a great solution that can help you minimize the hassle while helping you communicate with the right audience effectively. Some of its benefits include increased traffic and reach, and efficiently generating more content.

But… How Do You Repurpose Your Content for Social Media?

Coming up with different content for social media requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity.  You must also consider other elements like the creative, posting time, tone of voice and other things. You can maximize your efforts by repurposing your content to adapt to each community. Here are some elements you might want to consider.

Repurpose Your Content for Social MediaTypes of Content That Relate to Your Audience

Your Instagram audience is likely to enjoy a different kind of content than your Facebook or Twitter audiences. Some viewers enjoy shorter content with simple and concise information, and some might enjoy videos more or content with lots of photos and hashtags. Study your audience so you can identify what most relates to each niche.

Posting Time

What time is your audience most active on each social network? Taking that into consideration is essential to deliver your message and get the conversation going effectively.

Posting Frequency

Take a closer look at your target audiences activity on social media to identify the best frequency for your posts.


Social media is a gateway to tons of opportunities for your business. You need a plan so you can recognize those opportunities and harvest them. Manage your social media with the help of experts. Impressions Agency helps businesses make the most of their online presence through social media and digital marketing, in general. Get started today!