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Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

This simple document could help you protect your brand’s online reputation.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Policy

When things are clear, it is easier to stay on track. It’s a good practice to have clear documentation for your company and its employees to understand how to best interact on social media to keep the company’s reputation intact and avoid a social media accident.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media PolicyWhat is a Social Media Policy?

A social media policy is basically a document that holds the appropriate conduct that your brand and your employees should follow on social media. A social media policy would also establish what type of content should be shared, your brand’s personality and voice, and it’s also a good idea to clarify how to respond to negative comments.

If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry. This document doesn’t have to be 100 pages long. A couple of pages that summarize but clearly define your wants and needs related to social media, will do. A social media policy is a live document, so make sure you update constantly as your needs or expectations might vary.

Advantages of a Social Media Policy

Having a social media policy can benefit your business in many ways, regardless of whether you’re just starting to get social or you’ve been doing it for a while.

Helps Keep Your Online Reputation Intact

With clear guidelines that convey what can and cannot be shared, it is easier to streamline communication on social media in a way that best represents your brand. This way, you can avoid social media mishaps that can damage your brand.

The Advantages of a Social Media Policy

Enables Consistency on Social Media

Outlining expectations around your social media presence helps your brand stay consistent across all networks. A social media policy will also help your employees align with your company’s voice. A well defined voice and personality on social media makes it easier for people to recognize and remember you, which has a positive impact on brand awareness.

Promotes Employee Engagement

With standards and expectations in place, you empower your employees to promote your brand on social media. This will increase your credibility as your message is best acknowledged when it comes from various people and not just your company’s social media accounts.

Keeps You Away from Legal Problems

Your social media policy should also clarify what steps need to be taken in case your employees become victims of a social media attack or if, for some reason, they put something online that could potentially damage your company’s reputation.


Social media management takes a lot of time and effort but when done right, you can increase brand awareness and promote your business. At Impressions Agency, we take care of your social media  while sticking to your guidelines and expectations, so we can best represent you online. Let’s build your brand together. Get a free quote today.

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