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Email Marketing Campaigns That Can Support Your Reopening Efforts

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3 Post Business Reopening Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

During the past four months, your customers and prospects have mostly been at home —like almost everyone else. That’s why online shopping has increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ecommerce businesses have provided customers with an easy way to satisfy their shopping needs without having to leave their homes. Do you know what else has increased during this time? Email engagement.

The marketing email open rate have consistently been increasing since the pandemic started, as well as the number of marketing contacts. This tells us it is a good time to invest in email marketing campaigns.  Here are some email marketing campaign ideas that can support your business reopening efforts.

Welcome Series

Many businesses have experienced an increase in web traffic during this crisis, which can lead to new subscribers. Making them feel welcome is vital. That can be a four-message series to help you engage with those new subscribers.

You can include things like:

  • Thank you note for their interest in your business and their support during this time
  • Sanitization measures
  • Changes in physical locations or office hours
  • Potential inventory limitations
  • Shipping delays
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Details on your rewards programs, if any
  • Relevant content they may appreciate (links to blog posts with tips, how-to’s, etc.)
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Post-Purchase Campaign

Triggered emails tend to perform better than promotional emails. This series should also have three or four messages. Allow a couple of weeks to go by post-purchase before triggering an email. Focus on promoting products or services. Feel free to recommends products for their next purchase based on their last purchase. Personalized emails will have a more significant impact than generic ones.

Reengagement Series

This campaign is to improve your email list health. It is crucial to identify subscribers that aren’t engaged because they are no longer interested in your product or service. Low open rates will lower your engagement metrics. For this series, send out three to four messages.

  1. Try offering a monetary incentive, like a discount on specific products or maybe a voucher they can exchange on their next purchase.
  2. After about a week from the first email, send them a friendly reminder.
  3. If the subscriber is still inactive, increase your incentive and let them know in the subject line. If the user becomes active, you can now move them to the active subscriber list.
  4. Change up the subject line for something that will catch their eye. Something like, “Is this the end?”.  Include a form to update their communication preferences, so they can change the type of content they would like to receive, as well as the frequency. If, after this point, the subscriber is still inactive, move them to a separate list of subscribers, you can email less frequently. For example, you might want to email them only on select dates like Black Friday or other holidays.