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The End of Google Plus Is Near

The End of Google Plus Is Near

Google+ Will Shut Down in April 2019

Back in the fall, Google announced the end of their social media venture, Google+. They had originally stated that it would shut down in August 2019, however, after a data breach caused by a Google+ API bug, which affected 52.5 million users, they decided to pull the plug earlier, in April 2019. This will only affect the consumer side of Google+, but G Suite users will see the changes.

Google+ Will Shut Down in April 2019As of February 4th, Google started implementing changes around Google+, which will lead to the end of the service within the next 90 days. The first changes prevent new Google Plus pages from being created, users are also no longer able to post anything or add non-Google+ users to their Circles and will not be able to log into other apps or sites using their Google+ account anymore.

By March 7th, users won’t be able to leave comments on blog sites using their Google+ ID, and as of April 2nd, all consumer Google+ accounts will be deleted. So if there’s content you would like to save, such as photos and videos, you should do it before then. This will not affect any media you’ve saved to Google Photos. Those Google+ accounts owned by G Suite users will remain active.

Hootsuite and Google+

Because of the recent announcements, Hootsuite stopped supporting Google+ as of January 28th, and they will remove this social network completely from their platform on February 28, 2019, meaning that no more content will be successfully published to Google+ after that date. This means that if up to January 28th, Impressions Agency was posting or auto broadcasting content to your business’ Google+ account, we are no longer able to. However, your social media services will continue to function normally for all other social networks. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.