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Engaging Authentically With Consumers on Social and Environmental Issues

Engaging Authentically With Consumers

Consumers want to support companies that share their core values. It’s no longer enough to have a great product or service. An increasingly effective way to engage and attract your target audience and to connect with consumers is by highlighting your social and environmental initiatives and efforts. Younger generations, in particular, are looking to companies and corporations to lead the charge for change. When it comes to engaging authentically with consumers, don’t be afraid to take a stand and share your social and environmental issues. 

Why engaging authentically with consumers will help to grow your brand

While almost all consumers care about a company’s core values, they are just as skeptical about companies flaunting their efforts publicly. If your company takes a stand on social and environmental issues or makes donations to charities, it has to be authentic. Consumers can smell inauthenticity a mile away. Your participation shouldn’t be performative; it should come from the heart. Never support an issue because you believe that it will give you access to a certain demographic; supporting issues because you believe in those issues will lead to engaging authentically with consumers who share your values. Your priority should be to do good, not to increase business. Increasing business is simply a bonus. 

Connect with consumers
When you engage authentically with consumers and share your core values youll build stronger bonds based on trust confidence respect and integrity

Community involvement engages local customers

National and global corporations have big platforms to share their efforts and promote their corporate social responsibility globally. For small local companies, taking the initiative and being involved in community efforts will make a strong impression on local consumers. Companies driven to make a positive impact locally or globally are more attractive to consumers and inspire confidence and loyalty. A purpose-driven company will have an easier time engaging authentically with consumers who are increasingly looking to companies to lead the charge for social and environmental change.

Sharing social impact initiatives

Consumers won’t know about your social and environmental initiatives unless you tell them. Don’t be shy about your efforts to do good and to initiate change. If you support social causes or take the initiative to help feed your local community and families in need due to a natural disaster or, say, a global pandemic makes sure that you share those efforts on your blogs and social media platforms. It may feel like your touting your own horn or humble bragging, but sharing your initiatives can be a call to action, encouraging your community, employees, and customers to join in your efforts. Lead the charge, and people will follow, creating a bond with consumers that is hard to break.  

As long as you are engaging authentically with consumers they will respond positively. Impressions can help you create content that highlights your social and environmental issues, engaging authentically with consumers, and growing your brand awareness.