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Facebook Messenger Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Using Facebook Messenger to Market Your Small Business

Facebook provides small businesses with an excellent way to reach out to a broader audience, engage with their customers, and develop relationships.

When thinking of Facebook marketing, most forget about their messaging app. Facebook Messenger, believe it or not, can be an excellent tool to build relationships with your customers. Most people prefer instant support and the ability to multitask while waiting. That is why they choose to chat or email over phone calls.

Facebook Messenger can be part of your marketing strategy. Here are some ways to effectively use this platform for your small business.

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Use Automated Responses to Answer FAQs

Messenger automated responses are an excellent feature to use in many different ways. Using it to answer your customers’ most common questions is a great way to improve their overall experience.

Consider the type of questions your customers ask most frequently, whether at the store or online, including business hours, location, price range, FAQs, etc. Setting up automated responses can help you capture the attention of your customers and minimize your response time.

Follow Up with Customers That Book Appointments Through Your FB Page

Facebook allows customers to book appointments from their platform. It’s handy for consultative selling or scheduling service calls. All you have to do is add a Book Now CTA to your page, and Facebook Messenger will integrate with your appointments. That makes it easy for you to follow up with your customers and can help prevent them from missing their appointments by sending automatic reminders the day before while keeping users engaged with your business page.

Use Ads to Retarget Your Messenger Users

Everyone who has messaged your page can become part of a custom audience to retarget them with Facebook Ads. Ad campaigns on Facebook can help you stay in touch with customers who have shown interest beyond liking your page. There are many ways to create a custom audience for retargeting. You can build an audience based on your customers’ response to specific Messenger Bot questions, target app users, or segments based on location, gender, or age.

Facebook Messenger can easily be integrated into your marketing strategy and help you build better relationships with your customers.