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Geo-Marketing: What It Is and How it Can Help Your Business

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Using Geomarketing to Benefit Your Business

Attracting local customers is always on the mind of business owners, and marketing efforts are usually geared toward that purpose. Customers are still on the lookout for local business to fulfill their needs, and their best ally in finding what they need is their mobile device. That’s why geomarketing comes in handy.

Map with pinsWhat is Geomarketing?

If you want to get the attention of customers in a specific geographic area, you can resort to geomarketing. Geomarketing uses your location information —which comes from various sources, like mobile devices and social media— to help you make the best calls about how to target specific customers and when. Using data from a designated geographic area, you’ll create a digital map that shows local activity.

Search engines can geo-target customers based on IP addresses, and that’s how they know which search results are relevant to them. With the help of analytics tools, like Google Analytics, targeting can be a more efficient process, as you will be able to see the most frequent times at which users visit your site. Knowing this is the equivalent to having an ace up your sleeve since it will give you information to focus your marketing efforts accordingly.

Benefits of Geomarketing

There are many ways geomarketing can benefit your business:

  • Helps identify the best physical locations, if you’re planning to open a new store, based on the customer activity by area.
  • Makes your email marketing campaigns more useful by adding details of your business location nearest to the recipient’s location.
  • Helps determine the best time to post to social media.
  • Aids in tailoring your content based on location and geo-targeting data, for more useful content campaigns.

How you use geomarketing will depend entirely on the goals of your business. Pairing geo-marketing with local SEO is a great way to create a more robust digital marketing strategy. It helps you attract the attention of those who are looking for the type of products or services you offer. And even reach out to the audience that doesn’t know you have what they need.