Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO provides a long-term sustainable strategy for businesses. If your desire is for new customers to see your brand, product, or service, organic search is a great place to start. Due to the complexities of SEO’s dynamic nature, we have recognized that there needs to be a multi-tack approach to drive the best SEO.

Impressions Agency uses an all-inclusive approach to SEO including content creation, content strategy, link building, web optimization, domain authority, social media, reputation management, social engagement, and more. Learn more about Impressions’ all-inclusive digital solutions.


Taking the Intimidation out of SEO

If producing SEO seems to be intimidating to you and your business, let us help! IA makes it easy! We eliminate the guesswork while helping you understand how to push results.

Let’s Look at Two Questions While Considering SEO

Question 1 – Why do I need SEO and how do I produce amazing SEO?

Let’s take a journey and look at this question from a few perspectives.

First, let’s put ourselves in the mind of Google. What is Google trying to accomplish? Google’s main objective in our words would be: “ to produce the most trustworthy search queries for the end user”. Google’s mission statement: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


The way that Google is producing these trustworthy search queries is by developing its proprietary algorithms. This algorithm is changing all the time and the reasons why its changing is so that Google will become more efficient in producing those perfect search queries. This is why SEO has become intimidating–Google is always changing and we as business owners need to always be adapting to these digital changes.


Ponder this: Google does not care about you or your business. They care about making money (PPC) and their end users. Their main objective is to produce awesome search results to the end user searching. “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google

Now let’s look at this question from a business perspective. Business owners have one major goal in mind: to produce new business. Typically, they are not only trying to find new business but are also trying to find the right types of clients. This is why SEO is such an amazing tool and a great driver for businesses both large and small. When done correctly, it enables businesses to hone in on their desired results and bring specific end users to a place of conversion which ultimately helps their bottom line.

Businesses are always trying to get the correct eyes on their brand, product, and/or service. We believe that one of the best ways to produce these great results is by properly leveraging SEO. In order to get these amazing SEO results, we believe a business must focus on a variety of key elements.

We believe to produce amazing SEO, a business must do well in all areas online.

Let’s look at a few ways to optimize your SEO.

Web Design

You might be asking yourself, how does web design help your SEO? If your customer enjoys being on your site, they enjoy exploring your site and engaging with your brand. This increases your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes. If the consumer is qualifying you then Google will too.

Web Speed

This has become a major factor within the last few years. With so much accessibility at our fingertips, we’ve learned to expect things instantly. If a site doesn’t load quickly, we tend to leave that site and move on to the next site. Because of this, site speed is also a priority for Google. You can have all the best content in the world, but if your site doesn’t load in a reasonable manner, your users won’t stay.

Content + Content strategy

You might have heard that content is king. We don’t know if that is 100% true, but we do know that content plays a huge factor towards SEO. If you are providing rich content to your customers and they are engaging with it by sharing it, reading it, and liking it, Google notices and this helps your overall SEO.

Link Building

Relevant links to your business are extremely important for your digital well being. Long gone are the days of link spamming, but quality internal and external links that benefit your end user are a must.

Domain authority

Domain Authority predicts how well your overall website will rank in search results. It takes a number of different factors into consideration–a large one being quality inbound links and your site’s internal linking system. A small thing that is considered is how soon your domain will expire. If your domain is set to expire soon, it can be in indication that your site may not be around for long.

Social Engagement

Social engagement now covers a wide variety of platforms that all provide different opportunities to engage with your customers. It is no longer just about having a Facebook business page. Understanding where your customer lives can help you engage with them in a new way!

Reputation Management

Your business’s reputation now plays a key role in your SEO. Although Google breaks SEO up into two main areas–search queries and map listings–your companies rapport can make or break whether an end user chooses you or your competitor.

Social Media

Although some people have a hard time believing that social media helps with SEO, Google looks at both engagement and reputation. Social media platforms provide great opportunity for both of these elements.

Understanding Competition

If you understand your competition, you can gain an understanding of where the low hanging fruit is at. SEO is complex and there are always ways to attack the competition, but you need to know where the competition is weak.

Question 2 – How can I do all of these things well?

We have learned that small to midsize businesses need and want to provide excellence in all of the elements above. Over the existence of Impressions, this is one of the biggest questions that we learned how to answer–how do we provide a results-driven digital service? As we have made this one of our number one focuses for the last 10 years, we now strongly believe that SEO is one of the biggest drivers for businesses.


All digital marketing companies provide SEO.

Other agencies most likely focus on web content and/or back-end optimization, but, are they covering the other things mentioned above such as site speed or reputation management? We know the list goes deep and those other companies provide a wide variety of services, yet from our experience, for small to mid-size businesses, it often comes down to cost and value. Are they able to provide these things at a price point you are happy with? Let’s face it, small to mid-size businesses do not have a ton of extra cash to experiment with and being diligent with resources is often a big factor.

Another thing we have noticed is that small to mid-size business’ are often working with multiple digital companies at the same time. For example, they have one company managing content and another company managing the website. Are you one of those companies? If so, let us help simplify things!

Now, do you see the value of using an all-inclusive digital solution?

We have also been working extremely diligently to identify how to answer this question.

We have recognized that business owners wrestle with deciding how much money they need to spend to win the online game. SEO is a huge advantage for businesses and if a business is producing amazing SEO, this will help them win over their competition. Impressions has learned how to help bridge the gap in all areas because we understand that producing results in all areas truly does help drive your SEO. And the icing on the cake is that we’ve learned how to provide these results at a price point that businesses are happy with!