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Gutenberg: The New Editor Experience for WordPress

Guttenberg: The New Editor Experience for Wordpress

5 Things You Need to Know About Gutenberg

Back in August, we started hearing about WordPress’ new editor project, called Gutenberg. The core WordPress teams were working on this, and the future of page builders looked like it was about to change.

Not long ago, Gutenberg was available to try in plugin format. It was still being worked on, and it was scheduled to release with WordPress 5.0.  On December 6th, we welcomed the latest WordPress update, and yes, Gutenberg came with it. The classic editor will still be available until December 31st, but after that, we’re all rotating to the new. Here are some things you might want to know about this new editor.

Gutenberg for WordPress 5.0
Gutenberg: the new editor experience for WordPress


The idea behind Gutenberg is to make the editor experience more straightforward and more enjoyable by breaking things up into content blocks and offering page-builder-like functionality, enabling the user to create content layouts, rather than just write articles.

Variety of Block Types

To help you customize your content, Gutenberg allows you to build your content using a wide variety of blocks —which work as movable objects within the editor— such as:

  • Paragraph
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Table
  • Pull Quote
  • Button
  • Text Columns, and more

Reusable Blocks

Gutenberg allows you to create blocks and reuse them later. Say, you created a cool layout for one of your blogs. If you ever need a similar —or the same— layout for a future blog, you don’t have to create it again. Instead, you can save it as a reusable blog. To reuse it later, all you have to do is go to Add Block and select Reusable to pick the block you need. Quick, easy, and functional.

Existing WordPress Support Remains

Although WordPress is recommending to migrate to blocks, they will still provide support for current functionality.

Yoast Will Adapt to Gutenberg

If you use Yoast to increase your SEO performance, don’t worry, because you will still be able to use it with Gutenberg. Yoast has been working to integrate to the new editor. Tons of cool things will come, but in the meantime, Yoast basics are available.


WordPress is evolving. Your site might not change right away, but the changes will come. If you have any questions about this new update or are experiencing issues with it, feel free to contact us or submit a support ticket.