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How Digital Marketing Changed in 2020


3 Ways Today’s Digital Marketing is Different

This year, things have changed from many different perspectives. The world has changed, and so have people. Customers are different today but so are businesses. Throughout this year, digital marketing didn’t remain unchanged, but it’s been positive in many ways.

Businesses have had to think of new ways to generate leads, increase sales, and stay in the game. For that to happen, digital marketing strategies approached things differently. Here are some of the ways that digital marketing has changed in 2020:

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Empathy is a Must

When you think of business, empathy might not be the first thing that pops to mind. It used to be nice to have, but these days, if companies want to develop strong relationships with their customers, empathy is non-negotiable. People want to deal with businesses that help them address pain points, not sell to them. The direct sales approach is no longer acceptable.  

Marketing Is an Essential Part of Your Business

Sales and marketing should go hand in hand. However, not all companies take that approach. Many still consider marketing “an extra” when, in fact, it is the thread that connects all other areas of your business. It provides consumer insights, helps monitor people’s reactions to specific types of messages, and much more. Marketing is no longer something you do if you have some dollars to spare; it’s something you should invest in to help grow your business.

Content Formats Matter

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king.” Well, that hasn’t changed. However, these days we understand that not all content is the same or has the same impact. Depending on your audience, objective, and message, you will likely need a different content type. Short-form content is a good option for providing tips or quick insights, and it’s great for sharing on social media. In contrast, long-form content is an excellent way to provide information that helps you establish yourself as an industry expert. You can choose to share videos, infographics, or just images, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.