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How to Analyze Your Competition for Digital Marketing?

How to Analyze Your Competition for Digital Marketing

Understanding Your Competition from a Digital Marketing Standpoint

Every industry has incredible amounts of competition and the numbers grow every day. With the internet, businesses get a lot more exposure than they did before, which, on one hand, is a good thing, but on the other hand, makes remaining profitable a struggle and it can also make it hard to identify who you’re competing against.

If you want to make it in any industry, you must understand who your competition is, not only so you are fully aware of who you’re up against, but also to identify potential issues and opportunities ahead of time. Taking the time to analyze your competition can be of great benefit to your business. These are some of the best strategies to monitor and analyze your competitors:

Evaluate Their Websites

Take a close look at your competitors’ websites, you know, their user interface, home page, content, site speed and performance, and take that information to make your website better.

Discover Their Targeted Keywords

Finding out which keywords your competitors are targeting for organic search —and paid search, too— will help you find their gaps and turn them into your opportunities.

Do a Backlink Audit

A competitive link audit will help you realize the backlink opportunities they are using to outrank you, as well as which backlinks might be hurting them.

Understanding Your Competition from a Digital Marketing Standpoint

Keep an Eye on Their Social Activity

Monitoring their social channels and the content they post, helps you get a better idea of how their communicating and interacting with their audience, which topics do well and which, you might want to stay away from.

Analyze Their Traffic

If your competitor’s website gets more traffic than yours, it’s probably not something you’re doing, it’s something they’re doing and you’re not. With the help of the right tools, you can compare your website’s traffic with your competitor’s and that data will help you find out what’s missing, so you can make changes to your marketing strategy.

What’s Next?

A digital marketing competitive analysis might sound like a lot of work, but it’s certainly worth it. Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have a better picture of how to attack. Impressions Agency can help you through this process, so you can increase your traffic through great SEO, improve your online presence and give your business the boost it needs to stand tall against the competition, thanks to our all-inclusive digital solutions. Want to know more? Contact us today.