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How to Improve Your Website to Increase Conversions

Improve Your Website to Increase Conversions

How important is it for you to make a good impression on your guests when they arrive at your home? There is no way you’d invite people over for dinner when your kitchen looks like a mess. The same goes for your website.

The average time spent on a website is about 45 seconds, which shows that a user will only read 20% of the content on your page. Understandably, they won’t stick around for the “main course” if your website is cluttered and lacks a clear message or call to action. 

When this happens, visitors won’t convert. Therefore, to increase your conversion rate, it is essential to pay attention to the key elements (navigation, column, call-to-action, branding, padding, and white space) of a responsive website and align with consumer behavior.

How to Use Google Analytics for Site Optimization

Want to optimize your website for better conversions?

Optimize your website for better conversions

Firstly, this won’t happen if you keep focusing on only one piece of data. Rather than guessing how well your website performs, join hands with Google Analytics.

The free-analytics tool provides metrics and insights to help you improve your website and content, acquire more traffic, and boost the number of conversions.

The most popular pages on your site can be seen by looking at “Pageviews.” Don’t waste your time on anything other than the pages that receive the majority of your traffic (at least 50%).

Pagesviews > Overview

Use behavior flow reports to understand how people navigate your site. A typical report shows the most visited pages, where users leave the site, etc.

Behavior > Behavior Flow

Google Analytics can tell you if your website traffic comes from desktops or mobiles. Mobile optimization should be your top focus if it isn’t already.

Audience > Mobile > Overview

The Acquisitions Overview shows visitors’ paths. For example, the percentage of visitors who clicked a link from another site (referral) or searched for the site (direct).

To sum up, it is possible to improve your website by analyzing user activity through Google Analytics. Simply, identify the pages where users are dropping out or abandoning your website and content where you can make adjustments to encourage them to make a purchase. Looking for a website development expert? Click here to get started.