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How to Keep Your Webpage Responsive and Running Smoothly

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Today’s Internet users expect websites to respond quickly and in an easy-to-understand format, even on mobile devices, like phones and tablets. If you don’t have the web development skills necessary to meet that expectation, it might be time to hire someone else to develop your site so that it stays responsive and working smoothly at all times.

What is and Why a Responsive Webpage is Vital

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A responsive webpage is crucial for your website. If you have a responsive web design, this means that your website will adjust its content according to the size of the device being used. This ensures that your website looks good on any device – computer, tablet or mobile phone – and it’s easy for visitors to navigate through.

A responsive webpage is vital because it ensures a consistent experience across different devices. It also offers more room for creativity in terms of layout and style as designers can mix up their layouts based on the size of the screen they are designing for.

Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

  • Choosing the Wrong Coding Language : This is a crucial decision that will determine whether your site works or not. Ideally, you should choose a coding language that is compatible with all browsers. HTML5 can do this for you.
  • Using Too Many Plug-ins : Plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player, Java, Quicktime and RealPlayer can cause webpages to crash or run slowly on some computers. The best way to avoid these problems is by simply not using them in the first place. For example, instead of embedding videos from YouTube into your website, you could upload it onto YouTube and link to it instead. This prevents computer crashes because the video is hosted on YouTube’s servers which are optimized for streaming content. The only downside is that visitors must have access to the internet in order to watch the video. One option would be to embed an auto-play gif image of your video instead so that visitors don’t need internet access in order to view it.

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