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How to Manage Site Security in WordPress?

How to Manage Site Security in WordPress

As the worlds most high-profile CMS, WordPress has been the target of security attacks before. However, over the years, they have done work to make sure they provide a safe CMS tool that people can trust.

Is WordPress Secure?

The answer to this question is not as short and simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The truth is, yes, WordPress can be secure, but it will require the owner to do some work and research.

Keep Software Up to Date

It is essential to keep WPs core application up to date, to keep your site secure. Fortunately, you can set up WordPress to do this on its own, so every time a minor version is released —security fixes usually come as minor versions— it will upgrade to it automatically.

Is WordPress Secure?

Update Plugins and Themes

Now, plugins and themes, they don’t get updated automatically, so you will need to be on top of them. Make sure you check for new versions as they are likely to include fixes to minor vulnerabilities.

Do Some Housekeeping

You can reduce your chances of being attacked by keeping WP as clean as possible. Check your plugin inventory and remove any that are no longer in use. Also, remove users that are not supposed to have access anymore.

Follow Good Security Hygiene Practices

Security hygiene basics involve:

  • Creating a strong password that doesn’t contain phrases or words that are easy to guess
  • Use two-factor authentication to limit login attempts
  • Keep good backups of your website


WordPress offers a wide variety of benefits for your business and keeping it secure is just a matter of doing certain simple steps. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about those things. Impressions Agency can manage your website using WordPress to leverage the power it has as a robust content management system, and take care of everything else for you so all you do is receive the benefits of setting up your website with such a solid tool. Want to know more about WordPress or how it can help your business? Let’s talk.