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How to Plan Great Content for 2021 for Your Small Business


Strategies for Creating an Effective Content Marketing Plan for 2021

As we head into a new year, small businesses should be planning how they’re going to stand out in 2021. Your content marketing strategy can help you compete in today’s challenging marketplace, even if the competition is now fiercer than ever before.

Being proactive in planning your content marketing campaigns is the best way to ensure you get great results. Here are some tips to help you create an effective content marketing plan for 2021.

Audit Your Current Content

Before you know what you will do next year, you must understand what worked this year. Take a look at your current content to help you identify what performed well and what didn’t. Also, keep an eye out for top ranking keywords.

Define Your Content Marketing Goals for the New Year

What do you want to achieve through your content marketing strategy in 2021? Whether you want to increase brand awareness or boost sales, your goals will determine your approach.

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Understand Your Audience

Creating content is not just about creating content. It’s about generating valuable information for your target audience while helping them engage with your business. What type of content is your target audience interested in? What style of communication is most comfortable with them? What channels can you find them in? Doing research will help you define a buyer persona you’ll have in mind when developing your content.

Define Your Go-To Content Types

When we talk about ‘content,’ we’re not just referring to written content. Sure, you can create a blog and social media posts that help you engage your customers, but you may benefit from other content types, from infographics to videos and podcasts.

Create a Content Calendar

Once you have enough information, you can start planning your content for next year. You may want to include details like the person responsible for content, format, topic, promotion channels, and publishing date. Creating a content calendar will help you and your content marketing team stay on the same page and on track to meet your goals.