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IA Gives Back: A Recap on Senior Housing Option Service Day

IA Gives Back: A Recap on Senior Housing Option Service Day

Stories of Gratitude Behind a Great Social Project in Denver

If you know what we stand for at Impressions Agency, you know believe in the importance of giving back to those who need us most. We have partnered with with Senior Support Services in Denver before and we stand by the amazing work they do in helping a very important portion of our community: our seniors.

Recently, we had another the opportunity to provide a helping hand and we are excited to share a recap video of this event with you. Through this video, you’ll have a chance to learn more about what this project is all about, as well as hear the stories of some of the Senior Housing Options residents and how grateful they are of the work that many people in the community put in, to help them have a better life.

IMPRESSIONS from The Lion Project on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving might be over but there is always something to be grateful for. As the holidays approach, we get more opportunities to look  back on our year and consider all those moments, people and things we are thankful for. Counting our blessings is definitely a habit that helps us look on the bright side at all times and have a better outlook on life, even as we go through tough times.

We are thankful to have opportunities to give back to our community. It’s been a good year so far and we’re also grateful to you, our clients, for allowing us to help you achieve your goals.

If you’d like to support a local cause, consider stopping by the 5th Annual Lion’s Gala, on November 30th to enjoy some dinner, drinks and great networking opportunities, as well as learning more about nonprofits that might be of your interest for 2019.