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Importance of Content Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Content Intelligence in Digital Marketing

3 Things Content Intelligence Will Teach You

Successful content marketing is all about understanding your audience. When people say “content is king”, that is only half true because content matters —yes— but that’s only the case when your content is relevant to your target audience.

Creating content just to create content is not going to get you the results you want. That’s why content intelligence is important. Before we get into what we can learn from it, let’s talk about what it is.

Content intelligence is what marketers conclude based on the actions and reactions people make on content. Peoples behavior and interests make them act a certain way when exposed to certain content, analyzing and understanding this by using the right tools can help identify the profile of your audience. Here are 3 important things content intelligence can help us figure out.

The Importance of Content Intelligence in Digital MarketingPlatform You Find Your Audience In

You may be putting all your effort into communicating with your audience over one specific platform that you like the best or think is most popular, but is your audience really there? Taking a closer look at a variety of platforms and the level of engagement in each is the best way to know if you’re targeting the right one —or the right ones.

Type of Content Your Audience Is Interested In

Your choice of content should be data-driven. Understanding who your customers are and what they like makes the whole content creation process much, much easier. This way you can make sure your audience finds value in your content and truly enjoys it. You can repurpose your content so that it better suits each platform.

Right Time to Publish Your Content

Good timing is key. You don’t want to waste good content by publishing at the wrong time. The day and time you decide to publish your content can impact its visibility. Taking the time to understand when most of your audience is active can help improve the performance of your content.


Data is incredibly valuable when designing your content marketing strategy. Impressions Agency can help you leverage its power and use it to your advantage to help you reach your audience and increase engagement. Contact us today and let’s work together to grow your social media presence.