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New to Link Building? Here’s What You Should Know

New to Link Building? Here's What You Should Know

Understanding link building can really help give your SEO a boost.

Link Building Basics You Should Know

Everyday people, businesses, and media, in general, recommend, promote or endorse all kinds of products and services. If you think about it, they work as backlinks, but in the physical or offline world. Of course, the more a certain brand is recommended by others, the more exposure it will get.

Google works pretty much in the same way. As you get more inbound links from reputable websites, Google will recognize you as a trusted brand or business, and thus, your website will rank higher in SERPs. What does this mean? It means that links will impact your visibility in search engines. This is why link building is important.

What Is Link Building?

In simple words, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. Mastering the link building game can give you a real advantage over your competition. Link building drives referral traffic to your website and helps improve your website’s authority.

If you’re new to link building, here are 3 basics you should keep in mind:

 Link Building Basics You Should Know

Backlinks vs Internal Links

Backlinks are also called inbound links. These are links that originate on another domain and point to your site. Basically, whenever another website links to your website, that’s called an inbound link or backlink.

Internal links, on the other hand, are links that originate within your own website. For example, when Page A on your site links to Page B. Their purpose is navigational, but still contributes to your SEO and helps improve your ranking in organic search.

Quality Over Quantity

Links are valuable, yes. But, that doesn’t mean you have to cram your website with tons of links to your own pages all over the place. What truly matters is the quality of the links. The same applies to inbound links. You don’t need every random site to have a link to your site. You’re better off getting a few links from reputable websites than getting hundreds from sites with low authority. When it comes to link building, quality comes before quantity.

Valuable Inbound Links

The best or most valuable links are the ones that come from high-traffic sites, as they can really impact your exposure and bring potential customers. User-generated content can also drive a good amount of traffic to your website. For example, although Google has stated that social shares don’t impact SEO, they still represent a great opportunity to increase your site’s traffic, which Google does care about.


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