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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page


Basics for Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Having a Google My Business listing is has a vital role in any business’s digital marketing strategy, especially startups and small businesses. Google My Business provides your business with a public identity and helps your online presence. It also gives more exposure, allowing your audience to find you easily.

Once you set up a Google My Business profile, make sure to keep up your listing since it has everything needed to be a useful resource for your audience. Here are some simple tips that can help you optimize your Google My Business page.

Share All the Details

For your listing to be useful to your audience, it needs to have detailed information —and it needs to be accurate too! Local search results are only helpful if they show everything users need to know to make a decision. Tell people about what you do, share your location, and let them know how they can get what you offer.

Make Sure Your Operating Hours Are Right

So maybe your operating hours were accurate when you first created your listing. But, anytime you make changes like for special events or holidays, make sure to update your Google My Business listing. That will prevent customers from heading down to your business location only to find that you’re closed. That could end up causing frustration and leading them in the direction of your competition.

woman with tablet and graphsUse Keywords

We know about the importance of using keywords for SEO on your website, but your Google My Business listing counts too. Go ahead and include some of your relevant keywords or key phrases in your listing. Whenever you have an opportunity to improve your SEO, you should take it.

Leverage the Power of Photos

Let’s say you search for a service you need in your area, and a listing with no photos comes up. Would you trust it? Probably not. The visual component is essential to encourage customers to make a decision. Customers are 35% more likely to click through a business’ website when there are photos in their listing.

Take Care of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are critical in the online world and how you manage them says a lot about your business. Find ways to encourage your customers to leave a review. Positive reviews help increases your business’s visibility in SERPs, but negative reviews can offer a chance for improvement, so don’t take them for granted.

Learning to prep and use your Google My Business listing the right way can make a big difference for your business.