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Overcoming the Fear of Mobilizing Your Business

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If your business is the right candidate for remote work, is there something keeping you from implementing it? It’s probably fear or doubt. You might be asking yourself a series of questions that are holding you back. For example: Are your employees going to respect their work hours? Will work be done on time? Is your team going to lose touch?

Any process that involves change is likely to be met by fear, which is entirely natural. However, when your business is the type that can embrace remote work, allowing fear to paralyze you, will only keep you away from the benefits of embracing change.

Building Strong Virtual Teams Is Possible

We have discussed the need to have a trust-based relationship with your remote teams. It is, in fact, the foundation of success when it comes to remote work, but it’s not all that is needed. Before implementing this with your teams, you need to design a system that allows you to feel in control despite the distance so that you can overcome your fear of remote work.

Create a Remote Work Protocol

For remote work to work, there needs to be a protocol. It’s not just about moving your entire operation to a removed setting. Develop a contract that covers the basic requirements for employees to be applicable for remote work, such as a stable internet connection, a workspace and a list of expectations for what will need accomplishing and how —including appropriate response time.

Goal review

Define Metrics

Metrics can be as loose or strict as your business needs them to be. In some cases, companies will be able to track how well things are going just by checking how they’re doing on their individual and collective goals. In other cases, more specific metrics will be needed, like tracking productivity, the total amount of tasks completed per week or month, etc. It all comes down to what works for you and your business without making employees feel like they’re not trusted.

Many companies have succeeded in integrating remote teams and are now enjoying the benefits of remote work. Take some time to build a framework that helps you manage your team, gives you peace of mind, and makes working from home easy for everyone.