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Preparing for a New Phase of the Pandemic

Economic Reopening

We’ve been dealing with a lot of changes in the past four months. When Covid-19 started spreading all over the world, every country had to take action to try to contain the spread. Before we knew it, we were all in quarantine, businesses had to shut down, and it all seemed like a lot to handle.

During that period, when restrictions were more severe, businesses that could no longer operate at their offices or stores had to find a different way to be productive. Remote work became the perfect alternative for many companies in this situation.

Economic Reopening

Is Your Colorado Business Ready to Reopen?

We are entering a different phase now. Small business owners are faced with new challenges as their states are slowly starting to lower some of the restrictions, and businesses can reopen. In Colorado, critical companies have remained open since this all began, but non-critical businesses are now accessible with restrictions. But what does that mean?

Is your business prepared to hit the ground running during an economic recovery phase? Building a financial recovery plan should be a priority for all business owners. So far, this situation has behaved like a moving target, so it’s wise to be prepared and consider all options—touch base with your team before getting started. Check-in on them and show your support; this will make them feel cared for and valued. Get together to brainstorm and come up with ideas on how to help your business survive and thrive during this time.

An economic recovery plan may include safety guidelines for your employees and customers, an update to your work-from-home protocol, clear goals for the next three months, potential changes to your business model, new ideas or opportunities you may want to pursue, a cybersecurity plan, an updated marketing plan including digital marketing and content marketing, among other things.

Let’s get ready for the next phase together. We will get through this.