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Reputation Management

Reputation management handles the direction and maintenance of product and service search results within the digital space. With extensive developments in this field of public relations, in-sync with the growth of the internet and social media, the overall outlook of search results has become an integral part of what defines “reputation.” Reviews, recommendations, and online forums have become an increasingly important part of how consumers evaluate and think about your business. In many ways, it can make or break your company’s success.

While You’re Busy Running Your Business, We’ll Help You Grow It:


Online reviews drive growth, which is why they are particularly important for small businesses. Not only do potential customers want to hear about you, they want to read about you, too. So, how do you encourage your customers to share their opinions online, and let everyone know what they loved about your business? Impressions’ powerful remarketing engine intelligently works to engage with your customers in-store and online, and automatically encourages them to write a review.


It’s a great thing when your customers love your business, but it’s even better when
they’re telling their family and friends about it. Word-of-mouth is, and always will be,
the number one marketing tool. At Impressions, we have designed a straightforward
review process that generates referral emails and sends them to your customers,
while you take care of your business.


Customer feedback can be one of the most effective ways to improve user experience. Your customers’ direct feedback serves as a tool for continued learning and growth, which will give you the upper hand over competition. Impressions provides the services to collect this valuable feedback, keep responses up to date, and store this data for direct access.


How do you turn a new customer into a loyal one? Good news! We’ve got you covered. Impressions targeted remarketing campaigns help boost loyalty and customer retention.

Email Marketing

Email communication is a tried-and-true method for effective communication with your customers. It’s all about customer engagement. Impressions can help you develop stronger relationships with your customers, using our automated email campaigns, which are an essential component of any effective digital marketing campaign.

Text Message Marketing

These days, everyone’s got a phone in their hands, so mobile marketing is a wonderful way to reach your customers. Did you know that open rates for text messages are higher than 70%? No wonder Text Message Marketing is such a powerful tool to promote your business. With our robust CRM, you’ll see your SMS subscriber list grow and your customers engaged, as you motivate them to make a purchase.

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