5 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness

6 PPC Best Practices for Small Businesses

There are many ways to market your business. Here are five digital marketing strategies you can use to get the word out about your business. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Getting your website noticed by potential customers means first getting search engines like Google and Bing to notice your website. This is done through digital marketing strategies like search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). SEM involves placing ads on search engine sites when people search for specific terms. The idea is that people will click on your ad because it has the content they are searching for. 

SEO is all about getting your website content discovered by people searching for that content. This involves a range of tactics that, when combined, help your web pages get found. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves building an online audience by creating a steady stream of informing and entertaining content. You then monetize that audience by selling them products and services. Content marketing involves writing website blogs and articles, email newsletters, creating videos, making social media posts, and podcasting. 

Digital Marketing Strategies
Getting your business noticed by potential customers online is what digital marketing is all about.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social media sites – such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube – to achieve your marketing goals. Social media is great for building brand awareness and engaging with your audience or customers. 

Email Marketing

Email newsletters are an effective way to engage with current and prospective customers. They are a great way to drive traffic to a website and are also good for converting viewers into customers. 

Paid Advertisements (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertisements are what you see on the sides of websites. These are generally static display ads, and the price per click varies depending on various criteria. To get started with your digital marketing, get in touch today.

Are SEO and Social Media Related?

If you’ve ever wondered whether social media has an impact on SEO, the answer is yes, and there are various ways how.

How Social Media Impacts SEO

Although social is not a direct ranking factor, as confirmed by Google on various occasions, social media does have an impact on rankings and can help your business become more visible on search engine results pages. Here are 3 ways in which social media impacts SEO:

How Social Media Impacts SEOSharing Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

People like quality content. The more you share links to your own content, the more exposure your content will get and the more chances there will be for people to share it or link to it. This motivates people to visit your website which drives more traffic and helps increase organic search ranking.

Increases Brand Awareness

Did you know that Facebook has over 2 billion users and Twitter more than 330 million? That’s a lot of people. Social media gives you the opportunity to build an online presence and keep your brand top of mind while building an audience. This is very valuable to your business, as it increases the chances that people will click on your content when it’s displayed in the search results.

Social Media Profiles Rank In SERPs

Social media profiles tend to show up in the search results when you type in the name of a business. If your website is ranked high in the SERPs and your social media profile also shows up, you’d be taking some very valuable spots in the search results. Visibility-wise, this gives you an edge over the competition.


It’s not just one or the other. Both social media and SEO are marketing tactics that are highly relevant and should be part of your online marketing strategy if you want to keep moving your business in the right direction. Juggling both can be tricky. Luckily, Impressions Agency is here to help you with that. Want to implement digital marketing strategies that can make your business grow? Contact us today.

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5 Tips to Round Up Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tips to Round Up Your Marketing Strategy

Fulfilling all of your audience’s needs can be hard but you can do it with the right marketing strategy.

5 Rules for Effective Marketing

There are certain tips that can help you round up your strategy and lead to a successful marketing approach.

Find a Way to Catch Their Eye

Grabbing people’s attention is rather hard these days. There’s so much going on, it’s kind of tough to focus on one thing. You can start by showing people about their struggles and then show them how they can benefit out of doing business with you. Once you establish a relationship with your audience, give them offers they cannot resist.

Become a Problem Solver

Tips for an effective marketing strategy

Teaching people something is a great way to get them to trust you. You can develop your whole blog around this idea. Identify their main problems and how you can help them overcome them. This way you get a chance to showcase your solutions and address their concerns.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Not being on social media is like taking the day off work.  Your audience is most likely social and for you to be successful, you have to go where they are. Stay engaged with them and share valuable content that keeps your prospective customers coming back for more.

Communicate in a Relatable Way

Sure, you’re the expert but you have to be very careful in how you’re addressing your customers. You don’t want to come off too technical or showy. You want to find a balance between being a knowledgeable authority and being relatable. Use a language that people understand and are comfortable with.

Add Value

For a marketing strategy to work, people have to feel like it was their idea to approach you. You want to convince them they need you. This is where a customized marketing experience that addresses exactly what they need, really pays off.

Digital Marketing that Sets You Up for Success

At Impressions Agency, we can help you make a good impression online. Our goal is to help you increase conversions while we provide you with the best customer service in the business. Contact us today for more information.


How to Sell Your Product or Service Online

How to Sell Your Product or Service Online

Online marketing might be the missing part of your marketing strategy.

Types of Online Marketing You Should Start Looking Into

If you’re trying to break into the online business industry, you can’t pass up on online marketing. The Internet is a great tool but it can also be your enemy when you’re not on it. Online marketing is what will help you reach your target market and increase your sales.

It is truly an art. Online marketing requires understanding which are the best online strategies that will help you get the results you need. But, what are those strategies? These are the types of online marketing you should be aware of:

Online Advertising

Online advertising is, basically, promotional marketing messages or ads that are delivered through the Internet. There’s banners, interstitials and other options, and some social media platforms like Facebook, offer their own ads.

Your Blog Can Help Your Business GrowqEmail Marketing

If you know how a sales funnel works, you know that once you’ve built a database with emails from prospects, you should keep in touch with them. You can engage with them through a newsletter and, hopefully, start building a relationship that will lead to increased sales.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

SEM contemplates two strategies that help search engines find your site and rank it. You can do this organically via SEO or through paid search marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) which means search engines put your website on the search results and you pay every time someone clicks on it.

Strengthen Your Brand Through Social MediaBlogging

Generating good content is key in the marketing world. It’s a great way to attract customers and engage with them by providing information that is relevant to them. Ideally, blogs should showcase content around topics that are interesting to customers and how your products or services tie into that.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers the opportunity to have ongoing conversations with your audience. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and interact to create loyal customers.


Even when you understand the basic online marketing strategies, knowing how to tie them all in to make them work for you can be complicated. At Impressions Agency, we are blessed to have a qualified team that understands the business and knows how to use these tools to help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for ways to get ahead in the business, give us a call.

Thankful for so much this Thanksgiving

Everyone that’s trying to sell us something uses “thanks” in their add or their promos. We have so much to buy and so many lines to conquer, that we may be forgetting the reason for the Holiday… GIVE THANKS!
Before we join shopping craziness…

As a content writer, you may imagine how many newsletters arrive into my inbox, and how many hours I spend online, surfing for worthy content that can be shared, or thoughts that may inspire. And sometimes inspiration comes from very unexpected places. Today it came from Goop, Gwynette Paltrow’s blog… Yes, deep. The blogger shared this quote by Ram Dass:

“If you think you are enlightened;
go home for Thanksgiving.”

Truly! That’s why we get the whole long weekend. Not to go crazy shopping. But to have time to sit on the couch for hours, turn off your cell (because everyone else you work for and with should be doing the same), and hang out with the ones closest to you.  It doesn’t take a spiritual guru to tell you, when those people you love are gone, the empty space they leave on the couch can never be filled by anyone else. So travel as far as you have to and go spend some time with your people. Rest, think of what you’re thankful for and don’t forget the ones who no longer have a warm place to go for a hot, yummy plate of turkey and goodies.

Life at the beach


Impressions is a great place  to work. If you can call the virtual office a place. We’re not all together in the same building, as our team is truly mobile, and international; American, Danish, Costa Rican, you name it. But one thing we have in common, we take the time to count our blessings. And just to show you we did the work, here are some of the things we’re thankful for


LANCELance's tahnkfulness

I am thankful first and foremost for the Lord and all the blessings he has given me.
I am thankful for my close family friends Chris & Annie for all the support and generosity they have given me.
I am thankful that I am in good health and I have great family & friends surrounding me.
I am also thankful for Impressions group and the Impressions group team. It has been a great year of learning & working. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for our team.


Sage thankful featureCHARISA

Having a new daughter. She brings me so much joy! 
I’m thankful that I get to learn how to be a mom. 
I’m thankful for my amazing husband who is so supportive. 
I’m thankful that I have an awesome team of people to work with. Montserrat and Lance are so loyal and supportive and our whole content team does a rockin’ job! 
I’m thankful for our clients from so many different industries. It’s fun to learn from each of them and to help them win online.


richardsons' thankfulness


A baby
Great Family
Great Friends
Great Company
Great Team to work with



esterillos oesteI am thankful for my parents, who taught not to be afraid of new experiences, new people and new cultures. Without that, I never would have ended up traveling the world and living in Paradise. They also taught me to not take myself too seriously and to not be afraid to make mistakes, and living in a country where I am only just beginning to learn the language, it is often necessary to laugh at myself. A good example is the many times I have told the lady at the bank that I need to “park my electric bill” instead of pay.  Ooops. And thank you for your patience, bank lady! A big thanks to Skype, which allows me to stay in constant contact with friends and family who are spread all over the world. How else would my brother and I continue to “hang out” and watch cheesy reality competition shows with almost 6000 miles between us?! Or still have girls night with my BFF’s in California while I am in Costa Rica?! And finally, i am thankful for my husband, who is without a doubt, the greatest man in the world.



I am thankful too. For peace after the storm. A family I can talk to about anything (even though it wasn’t always that way, makes me even more thankful). For having found the love of my life, marrying him and enjoying life together. For our only son, Mr. Jones. For a resting place in a tropical ski lodge at the beach. For work from home and the privilege of loving what I do and doing what I love. For salvation, none of the above would make sense without God’s Plan for my life.

And you?

What are you thankful for? STOP! Yes you, take time to think. Being thankful is not just about Thanksgiving, knowing what matters most should define the course of your life. What are you living for?

thankful mountain top
Wherever you are. THINK: What are you thankful for?