Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Tips for beginner content writers

Digital marketing done right could help your nonprofit organization reach its goals.

Grow Your Nonprofit with Strong Digital Marketing

Growing any business is hard, but a lot more work goes into building a successful nonprofit from the ground up. The reason? Resources, or lack thereof. Every organization needs money to move and nonprofits have the tough job of building something out very little. When those resources are needed for planning, sponsorship inquiries, promotions and marketing materials, very little is left for digital marketing.

At Impressions Agency, we understand the value of nonprofits and how hard it can be for them to grow, but with a little push in the right direction, you can be more effective in growing your network and promoting your services.

Strengthen Your Brand Through Social MediaSocial Media Marketing

Social media platforms provide a great opportunity for small to medium nonprofit organizations to reach out to their audience with minimal investment. All you need to do is create a profile on your favorite social network and with some patience and dedication, you build a following, engage with them, and generate supporters that are willing to contribute to your cause and share your message.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Since you’ll be posting content to social media, why not make it easy for users to track it? Using keywords as hashtags can be a great way to allow users to find you when searching for trending topics. That can help expand your network.

Customize Your Timeline Image

With the help of free editing and designing software, you can create a banner that you can post on social media to communicate your message and your services. This helps your promote your organization without having to spend money.

Email Marketing

This is another great way to reach a larger audience and grow your network. Create an email subscription database by adding an appealing subscription form to your website where your visitors can submit their information, and once you have that, you can share blog posts, upcoming events, and information about the organization.


These tips can help you improve the online presence for your nonprofit without consuming your funds. Digital marketing takes time and consistency but when handled properly, it can be a very effective way to expand your reach and bring more attention to your organization.

Engage with Your Audience Through Your Marketing Message

Promote your business with a clear message that adds value to to your customers.

How to Clearly Communicate Your Marketing Message

A weak marketing message could ruin all of your marketing efforts. Save yourself time, money and heartache by coming up with a marketing message that is true to your brand and helps customers understand why they need you.

What is a Marketing Message?

Telling peoeple what you do is not going to cut it. Your marketing message should be created as part of your branding efforts and it is meant to let people know how you can solve their problem in a way they can understand, recognize and relate to your business.

Tips to Create an Effective Marketing Message

Your marketing message should be able to cut through your audience’s needs and fears to help them understand there is a solution and they are the one holding the key. Here are some simple steps that will help you develop a clear marketing message:

How to Clearly Communicate Your Marketing Message1. Define What Makes You Unique

Understanding your identity is key in this process. Determine who you are, what are your goals and what separates you from the competition.

2. Understand Who Your Target Audience Is

Who do you want to speak directly to? It is imperative that you have a solid grasp on their challenges, worries, needs and wants so you can understand why they would need your products or services.

3. Get to Know Your Prospect Customer

Now that you know who you want to talk to, get close to those who could potentially turn into customers. You want to make sure you are speaking their language so you can address them directly and get their attention more efficiently.

4. Approach Your Customer’s Challenge Your Own Way

Don’t attempt to offer the same things that the competition offers. Being you is what’s going to help you stand out and connect with your potential customers.

Are You in Constant Communication with your Audience?

Your online presence is crucial to staying in the mind of your customers. Neglecting it will only stall your progress. At Impression Agency, we can help you get the best out of the digital marketing world and propel your business to the next level. There’s no time to waste. Contact us today and let’s get started.